Lane Dudley is best known for powerful guitars and fervent vocals. Blending rich acoustic and electric guitar riffs with fluid and sometimes angry bass lines, Lane rides the lines between classic, southern, and hard rock. 


Sand Through the Glass marks Lane's fourth studio record, and his second solo collection. Completed in his home studio, Dark Sky Sound, Lane dug in during the second year of the pandemic and wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered the EP. As he puts it, "I'm the most excited I've been in a while to release new music. But making a record from beginning to end by yourself can sometimes feel like soccer. At the start of the game you're fast and confident. But in the last stretch your legs are screaming and it becomes a real gut check." 


Currently based in Nashville TN, Lane is looking to the future. Dark Sky Sound is getting an upgrade and Lane is prepping a series of livestreams with songs from the new record and some older favorites. And as the world reopens, Lane will be there ready to light up the stage. 

Lane Dudley